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12th Annual Honolulu Surf Film Festival Audience Choice Award for Best Short

Official Selection The 7th Annual NY Women’s Surf Film Festival

Official Selection Save The Waves Film Festival

Podcast Real Stories - Episode 2 - Surf Girls Jamaica

Grand Jury Prize - Brest Surf Film Festival 
Finisterre Feature In Conversation - The Broadcast
Best Short at Swiss Surf Film Festival 
Patiki Town House. Solller. Mallorca.
Bridport Times Commercial. Dorset. UK.
Won Best Women In Adventure Film - Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 
She Extreme Film Tour - South West UK - Surf Girls Jamaica
Official Selection Swiss Surf Film Festival 

HUCK - How Jamaican Women Are Reclaiming The Waves

Official Selection Brest Surf Film Festival 
SURFER - Watch Imani Wilmot Is Transforming The Lives Of Jamaican Women Thorugh Surfing 
Surf Simply - Surf Girls Jamaica:The Sea Empowers 
Gal-Dem - These Jamaican Women Reclaiming Surfing Prove Why We Should All Take To The Waves
Free The Bid - Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane Feature 
Girls In Film - Surf Girls Jamaica Feature 
The Voice - New Film Spotlights Wave Of Jamaican Surf Girls
Sea Maven - The Healing Art Of Riding Waves 
Wavelength - Imani Wilmot Is Transforming The Lives Of Jamaican Women Through Surfing 
Surf Girl - Inspiration Feature 
The Inertia - Imani Wilmot Uses Surfing To Empower Jamaica's Women
Surf Girls Jamaica Online Premier at Real Stories Youtube 


VICE Panel - How Do We Widen The Range Of Subject Matter, Talent and Access To The Documentary Industry. 
Won Best British Film At London Surf Film Festival - Surf Girls Jamaica 
Reel Femme Screen Every True Person Of Kalofer 
Official Selection Milano Design Film Festival 
Sheffield Doc Fest Commissioned at Real Stories Pitch 
Symondsbury Estate Commercial. UK
VICE Film School - Spotlight - Capturing The Ritual Of The Rose Fields In Bulgaria.
Every True Person Of Kalofer Online Premier NOWNESS
VICE Film School - Starting Out - How I Found My Star In The Remote Scottish Wilderness
Away With The Land Online Premier National Geographic
Official Selection Glasgow International Film Festival 
Official Selection Take One Action Film Festival 
Official Selection Hebrides International Film Festival 
Official Selection London Short Film Festival 

Graduated From The London College Of Communication In BA Film Practise - 2016