Bull Bay, Eight Mile, Kingston, Jamaica.


Imani Wilmot is a role model to a community of Afro Caribbean surfers in Jamaica and beyond.

She is using surfing as a tool to transform the lives of many Jamaican woman.

Imani has taken it as her personal responsibility to empower women of colour to have access to surfing and to see a place for themselves within the global surf industry.

Ive dedicated my life to empowering girls of colour to get into surfing and to find the peace that they need though the sport
— Imani Wilmot


Imani Wilmot

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Follow Imani personally and the work she is doing.

Official Site to Surf Girls Jamaica Camps

Imani works with the organisation


Black Girls Surf is an empowerment and development surf camp for Black girls wanting to pursue professional surfing. 

We're changing the visual.

Led by Rhonda Harper. Based in California. USA.


June 2018 - Sheffield Doc Fest.

We pitched the film at the Real Stories pitch, where we recieved a separate commission outside of the festival competition from Real Stories, Little Dots Studio.

Thank you Real Stories for commissioning this story!

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July 2018 - Gallivant Films

We partnered up with Gallivant Films working as a co production on this project, with Director / Producer Orban Wallace who acted as an Executive Producer.

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AUGUST 2018 - One month in Jamaica on location

We were out in Bull Bay with Imani and the Surf Girls Jamaica family for one month filming.

Working with our local Jamaican team - Janine Titus amazingly talented drone operator and sound recordist.

Melissa Fearon the most brilliant fixer you can work with.

We work with Imani in a collaborative manner, as a filmmaker she was key to the process of crafting the story.

While we were out there we are able to witness the first ever all female surf compeition held in Jamaica.

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I always heard my dad he would say, surfing is one of the most positive sports because it takes your eyes from all of the negativity and the corruption that is in society and it turns you to horizon. So its a more positive experience, you are looking at endless possibilities for yourself because you are just staring off into the horizon.
— Imani Wilmot


Through Imani’s work we are able to follow the lives of two woman that Imani’s work is impacting hugely.

Melissa Fearon


Terri Ann Lynch

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Surf Girl Magazine Write Up

Woman Beyond The Screen

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October 10th 2018

World Premier at The London Surf Film Festival


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November 2018 - Full Film To Premier Online


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Developing our Impact Strategy

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