Our Vision



Joya Berrow and Lucy Jane are an award winning, independent documentary unity, whose films have been featured on platforms such as National Geographic, Nowness and VICE.

Led by the richness of the land, the sea and the sky, our subjects take us to remote places, as we highlight the vitality of the planet. Two perspectives, merged into a distinct vision, seeking topics that will declare human welfare and lead us towards a necessary consciousness to protect our environment.

We believe in the power of film as a strong impact medium. We use this power to bring light to underrepresented stories, inspiring new energy to global issues and breeding empathy, because culture change leads to other change.

There is a powerful historical relationship between our disconnection from the natural world and systems of human oppression. We aim to bring healing and justice to wounded places as we unearth stories that serve to educate and make us reflect on the way we are choosing to live our lives.

As filmmakers we have a responsibility to drive a creative movement which is representative and determined in the fight for equality. Nature is a therapy that should be accessible to all, without exception.

Nature is Life.

We are self shooting directors, producers and editors, seeing projects through from seed to influential impact distribution strategies. Our independent production process is dynamic and personal but we also strongly value  collaboration with other souls, creative minds and those native to the stories we tell. 

In a time that people are becoming exclusively interested in brands who recognise their social responsibility, branded content is a tool to increase business with people who believe in what you breath. 

Our approach to commercial video is to capture the soul behind the product, to connect belief based businesses with committed customers through narrative rich and visually thought provoking content. 

Joya and Lucy